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The college process can be daunting for students and families, but it doesn't need to be. 
With the help of a professional consultant, the steps to finding a match and fit can actually be fun. 
Let Stodghill College Consulting be your partner in this journey. 
Our services are individualized to meet the needs of each student and family, because each child is unique with their own abilities, interests and aspirations.


College Search

Academic Guidance 
& Support

Application Review


Standardized Test Planning & Evaluation

Essay Writing 
& Revisions

Major & Career Assessment

Scholarship Assistance

Summer Program Advising

Take the First Step!

Learn the top three things you can do to help insure a smooth college process for you and

your teen:

Intake Session

FIRST STEP in the process, allowing us to evaluate and determine what is needed to help your student in the college planning process. 


Comprehensive Plan

Best value and guarantees a student’s spot throughout high school for ongoing support and advising. Unlimited meetings and phone consultations tailored to the student and family’s specific needs. This package covers every details of the college planning and application process - someone with you every step of the way. 


Essay Writing & Revisions 

For seniors who need help writing or revising the primary college essay. Includes up to 2 sessions for instruction, brainstorming and guidance, and editing of the main essay and up to 6 supplements. Additional time billed at an hourly rate  of $150 for additional essays whether in person or electronically.